Lawyers struggle to help migrant children, about 3 years, defend themselves in the immigration court

By | March 20, 2021

Roberto E. Reyes-Pérez Virtually visits migrant children housed in the federal shelters at the time, day after day, explaining their rights in the United States immigration system and by listening to their gang violence stories in their countries of origin or heartbreaking trips to reach the USA. UU border of Mexico.

“Do not stop,” he said. “It’s ongoing, every day, every week.”
Reyes-Pérez, a staff attorney for the South Texas Pro Bono asylum project, or TRI, a Legal Defense group based in Texas, is located on the first line of efforts to ensure that migrant children flood the border They receive legal advice and are better equipped to surf the United States immigration system.
But for every minor migrant, he advises, several others in federal custody continue without any legal lawyer, determined and lawyers said. Children are expected, some as young as 3 years old, explain why they are looking for asylum.
In recent weeks, federal officials faced a constant increase in the number of migrants arriving at the border of the United States and Mexico, especially unaccompanied minors. A great challenge for the Biden Administration has been accommodating all minors in shelters administered by the Federal Government and connecting them with parents or relatives based in the United States so they can be released.
But administration officials also face pressure from immigration activists to ensure that children have a legal representation throughout the process. During the past year, lawyers and legal defenders have used zoom and other platforms to connect with children who are held in federal shelters, since the Restrictions Covid-19 mostly banned visitors from the shelters. Defenders explain their rights and protections to minors and, sometimes, they represent them in legal procedures.
As the number of unaccompanied migrants that reach the border continues to grow, legal services will become increasingly important, especially as different cities are dispersed. UU to live with its sponsors, Elissa said Steglich, co-director of the immigration clinic at the Law School of the University of Texas in Austin.
“It’s a real challenge,” she said. “Access to legal advocates and representation is critical.”
Federal agents found with 9,457 unaccompanied minors along the border in February: almost twice the number in January, but still under almost 12,000 children found in May 2019, the most recent higher maximum. To house the influx of minors, federal officials have reopened shelters in Donna and Carrizo Springs, Texas. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is opening another facility to house young people and the Dallas Convention Center is preparing to adapt to another 3,000 migrants.
Under the Law on Protection and Reauthoría of Traffic Victims of 2008, children who are presented at the border are granted, certain protections are granted, as they are not placed in the detention centers and initially counting their stories to an asylum officer In an informal environment, instead of an immigration. Judge in a court. However, if the asylum officer denies the claim of the child, the child may have to appear in front of an immigration judge.
Florence Chamberlin, an immigration lawyer based on the passage and the Chief of Mexico program for children who need defense, a national defense group, has visited unaccompanied minors in shelters in Ciudad Juarez to explain their rights And what happens if they cross. The border and enters the custody of the United States.
She gives him what is known as a presentation of “knowing his rights”, explaining how minors should be treated in shelters and how their case will be advanced through the federal system. She has seen children as young as a few months old until he was 17 years old. A teenager was expelled under the old administration of Donald Trump and found that he was sleeping in a cemetery near the border in Mexico, she said.
Children express the trauma of their lives differently from adults and leads to qualified legal professionals to help them through the asylum process, she said Chamberlin.
Unlike the United States. CRI.

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